[PLUG] Help in LDAP

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 26 01:48:22 IST 2009

On Wednesday 22 Jul 2009, Ashwin Tumma wrote:

First of all, congrats in selecting LDAP as your central user 
authentication and getting your client settings to auth against LDAP.

Can you share what utilities you have used in Ubuntu client desktop to 
auth with the LDAP server?

> 'Moodle' is also a part of our requirement, and we want to integrate
> Moodle with LDAP.
> The above thing is accomplished, but the problem we are facing is
> - For the first time, when we login to a user account, it works fine.
> (Graphical Login also works well). Moodle accounts also work well
> with the default password that we had set., but later when any user
> changes password using the 'passwd' command,the user login succeeds
> but  the Moodle login fails.

Can the user login into Moodle with "old" password?  I would suggest 
that you check your Moodle settings.  Verify that it is indeed going to 
LDAP for user auth e.g. check openldap server log file for auth req. 
coming from the client when an user on the client logs into Moodle.

Arun Khan

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