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Mon Jul 27 15:29:31 IST 2009

Hello All,


                With a growing demand for Linux System Professionals, we are
pleased to announce a new weekend batch of "Advance C" and "Linux System
Programming" for working professionals and Engineers and also freshers. 


Course Highlights:


Advance C:


- Struct ,enums,typedefs, #define

- Arrays & Pointer Arithmetic

- Function Pointers etc

- Dynamic linking

- Segments & Executables

- calling conventions

- Segmentation Faults

- Dealing with memory leaks

- How malloc & free work behind the screen


Detail syllabus is available at http://www.conceptssys.com/SyllabusPdf/Adv
<http://www.conceptssys.com/SyllabusPdf/Adv%20C.pdf>  C.pdf


Linux System Programming:


-Operating Systems Basics

-System Calls for I/O

-Multithreading and Synchronization

-Interprocess communication

-Memory Management

-Memory mapped files

-UNIX/ POSIX files and File Systems



Detail syllabus is available at


Labs - 

Carefully designed labs and exercises which will help participants to apply
knowledge gained through lectures immediately in their assignments. 


Starting Date  : Saturday, August 1, 2009.

Duration          : 1.5 months for each module

Timings           : Saturday and Sunday, 3 hours per day.



Concepts Systems,

602-603, The Pentagon, Shahu College Road, 

Next to Pune-Satara Road, 

Near Panchami Hotel, Parvati Pune - 411009. 


Registration: We encourage you to register at the earliest since there are
limited seats.


About Us:

Concepts Systems Educational Services has always been in forefront for
providing software professionals and aspirants with best-of-the-breed
technologies which ensure that professionals/students remain on the cutting
edge of technology and continue to win their goals. 


If you have any queries feel free to call us on 020-24216888 / 9960638738 or
mail us at training at conceptssys.com


For customized on-site training for your team, send a mail to
info at conceptssys.com


Thanks & Regards,


Concepts Systems

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