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Thu Jul 30 13:08:08 IST 2009

On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 11:21 AM, YogeshHasabnis
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> Hi,
> I need to use XWindow based applications on my Linux servers from my
> Windows/Linux desktop. I know VNC works for this. I learnt about Exceed. So
> I am trying to understand it's features by doing a google-search. I find
> that there two different products - Exceed and Exceed OnDemand. I would like
> to get some pointers about how these products - Exceed, Exceed OnDemand,
> VNC, differ from each other. Any advantage in using commercial products like
> Exceed/Exceed OnDemand ?
Hi Yogesh,
                  Exceed, Xming, and X server from cygwin are similar to
each other in function and are all totally different from VNC. The former
use the X server protocol for communication between server & client, while
VNC effectively transmits pixel deltas from server to client(the RFB
protocol). It means, if the X server on the windows machine gets killed, the
app gets killed too. OTOH, if a VNC client fails, the app on the server is
not affected.
       Given the the way they work, having a remote X server requires more
bandwidth than a VNC session. The difference may not be obvious on a LAN,
but can be significant for connections going over the internet. Also, VNC
offers the adaptability of using lesser colours and compression to reduce
the bandwidth required further.
      If you wish to go for the remote X server alternative, then, be sure
to check out AndLinux. It is a port of the Linux kernel on Windows. It comes
with a well setup Xming, with many useful linux apps which run seamlessly on
Windows. If you plan to go for VNC, check out TightVNC and NoMachine NX.

IMHO, you should try out the available free servers/clients first before
deciding to buy a commercial product.

My 2 cents.
Guys CMIIW...

Best regards,

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