[PLUG] Ghost Images for Edubuntu

Gaurav Pant gauravggs at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 08:43:28 IST 2009


One of the thing that I have noticed these days is that most of the
new distributions use UUID (universally unique identifier)for
identifying the disk partitions, this different for all the disks and
partitions, so even if you have same machines/config the ghost image
refuses to boot/load properly.

I think some distro provides a facility while installing the system
itself is that to identify the disk parts by device and not by UUID.

How do you know if you system is using UUID,
just do a:
cat /etc/fstab
and if you see some string which is like this
UUID=fab05680-eb08-4420-959a-ff915cdfcb44 /media/flash vfat defaults 0 0


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