[PLUG] Including commands in emails/howtos/manuals.

Mandar Vaze mandarvaze at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 12:58:43 IST 2009

>    Wish to share some wisdom gathered by interacting with friends and
> college juniors -
>    IMHO, its very dangerous to include working examples for commands like
> dd, fdisk, parted, mkfs, grub-install, (rawwrite, fixmbr (Windows)) etc. An
> uninitiated one might just copy-paste the command on his console in the
> hope
> of getting things to work. I've frequently observed that people don't like

Point taken, may be we should provide non-workable command (which hen
copy-pasted will definitely return an error
like : dd if=<source> of=<dest> bs=<blocksize>
and some explaination like source will be something like /dev/hda, /dev/sda
etc ... (with suggestions to read man pages)

I'll be more careful going forward


Mandar D Vaze

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