[PLUG] Grub problem

aniruddh katkar katkar.aniruddh at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 17:43:17 IST 2009

Hello Guys,
I've got a difficult situation I've been using debian lenny 5.0.0 since

february and during this time i've to reinstall debian for almost 20 to

25 times because of same problem 'crashing of grub' (by crashing i mean

when grub is supposed to show the line "grub loading stage 2" it

doesn't shows up neither it shows the menu to choose the kernel insted

the screen remains blank and the curser remains blinking indefinitely),

first i thought it might be due to insufficient powersupply so i

replaced my SMPS with 600w one but the problem still persists firstly

i've used grub 2 which is bundled with debian but first few crashes i

switched to grub legacy even then problem persists. and when grub

crashes i've to reinstall the system with all the packages i need

frequently which is quite hectic job keep doing repetedly because i

couldn't find a way to install only grub if there is any. and also the

xen kernel doesn't boot from grub(legacy or 2)either it shows a line

that you need to boot the kernel first.I could not find a way round the

second problem either if anybody knows a solution to the problems I'll

simply love to listen and be very thankful.
Thanks in advance
Aniruddh Katkar

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