[PLUG] OT: How many of you are programmers?

Gaurav Pant gauravggs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 21:24:44 PDT 2009

(not making a holy/flame war)

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 9:40 AM, Navin Kabra <navin.kabra at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry if what I was misleading.
> What I really meant was this:
> 1. There are definitely people in Pune who are not interested in GNU/Linux,
> but would be interested in JavaScript, other programming languages, and
> computer sciences in general. Hence, it would make sense to have a separate
> programming languages and/or topics in computer sciences forum that would
> attract such people.

> 2. I'm sorry to have implied that PLUG might have some non-programmers.
> Maybe all PLUG members are programmers.

IT was never stated all plug members are programmer/programmers.  PLUG
members range from simple users, programmers in different areas
(kernel, web, java, c etc), Doctors, lawyers, NGO activists etc.

> But I would then ask the question,
> why doesn't PLUG have non-programmers?

Have answered that earlier.

> Shouldn't PLUG be trying to get
> non-programmers interested in PLUG?

As I said in my earlier mail you need to be in touch for the
activities that go in around PLUG.
Recently a Linux Awareness Program (Batch) was conducted for around 20
members of Bhagini Nivedita Bank Bank Pune. Almost all participants
were non members.

Plug has been participating/coordinating  in events like Gnunify from
since the initiation of the same.

> The stated goal of PLUG is to have an
> GNU/Linux community, and to promote GNU/Linux. Why would you keep out
> non-programmers?

If you are just talking about techies -- PLUG has participated in
evnents like IT expo for last 5 to 6 years.. where we come across
Generic "Janata"

So we have been doing the same for a very long time.

> Shouldn't you actually be trying to encourage
> non-programmers to join PLUG?

We do encourage.

If you have some good ideas, we would appretiate if you could share
the same with us and also help us implement the same. :)

> 3. I don't have a very strong opinion either way - so I don't want to
> convert this into a holy war. I just voiced my opinion, and I will now try
> to shut up.

Same here, no wars.
But mine are not opinions But facts.

> navin.


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