[PLUG] Motivating students to setup Web servers to share data

abhishek sharma emote2abhishek at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 09:30:45 IST 2009

     Our discussion regarding helping students to setup Web servers at their
home pc's to share data is still at halt. I m talking this with regards to
the discussion we had at PLUG meeting in Gnunify, Apologies that I could not
attend the PLUG meeting on 7th March otherwise we could have had a proper

I had sent a mail regarding this already but got no replies, as Abhijit
Bhopatkar(Bain) has suggested we can discuss this on the mailing list. I
would like to know as to what should be our first
step into this. We will be having a MIT Linux group meeting

    If you could guide me as to what all steps need to be done and how
should we approach it, so as to make this work for the students. Maybe I
could forward this to the students at MCUG in my college.

   We will be having a Mit Linux group meeting next week and I guess if we
can make a plan by then, I could discuss it with the students out there

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