[PLUG] Motivating students to setup Web servers to share data

Abhijit Bhopatkar bain at devslashzero.com
Mon Mar 16 17:59:07 IST 2009

> <bain at devslashzero.com> wrote:
>> To be extra clear, i don't think trying to get them to learn LAMP etc
>> is going to help, colleges already kill their appetite to learn more.
>> However give them something with practical advantage in life, (and it
>> can be just to become super duper cool guy in the college to host his
>> own website.) and the trigger will ignite an explosion. After all many
>> of the pluggies i know simply started this way, accidentally finding a
>> really useful tool in linux and somehow just getting addicted to the
>> whole saga.
> That sounds good, too. One advantage samba has, why I am suggesting
> it, is sharing of resources with accountability. So, students can
> share hard disk space, printers thus saving some costs. And at the
Hmm... well samba over internet is not so easy (is it?, i never saw
people sharing directories over internet even in windows, may be i am
just not aware).... plus why samba when we are using linux?

> same time they learn sharing of resources.
Again the point is not to make them learn, they don't want that. I
know i am sounding too pushy and ediotic. But i need to stress this
really hard. It _must_ give them a coolness facter that they won't get

People will laugh at them if they say we need to edit blah blah or
install blah blah admin tool in order to share the
printers/directories over samba. Windows does it far better and the
student (or anyone for that matter) will lose interest within seconds.
They don't care about the learnings they can get. Well atleast an
average student we find these days wouldn't.


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