[PLUG] OLPC X0-1.5 and Fedora 11

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Sat May 16 17:22:31 IST 2009



"Some good news from OLPC: we've decided to base the new XO-1.5 laptop's
software release on Fedora 11. Unlike previous releases, we plan to use
a full Fedora desktop build, booting into Sugar but giving users the
option to switch into a standard GNOME install instead. (This will
mostly be useful for older kids in high school.)

We think we'll need to use our own kernel and initrd, but the other base
packages we expect to need are present in Fedora already, including
Sugar; in fact, we already have an F11+Sugar+GNOME build for the XO-1
using pure Fedora packages. That build will get better as a result of
this work (although OLPC's focus will be on getting the XO-1.5 running)
and it will form the basis for the XO-1.5 build. "


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