[PLUG] Fedora doesnt boot

abhi abhi.elementx at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 13:29:17 IST 2009

Alright. After, reinstalling the graphics drivers (nvidia), it seems fedora
is back on track.
However, Windows still doesnt boot up. Selecting Windows starts Fedora.
I dont think theres a problem in the grub.conf file.
Also, i have this hidden partition, which contains recovery flles for Win
Xp, and D drive.
Fedora can mount these 2 partitions. However, it doesnt list my C drive for
mounting(which contains the Win booting stuff).

I have been advised to 'fixmbr' using recovery disk. But will this affect
GRUB? What are the possible outcomes of fixing the mbr through the Win
recovery disk?
Any suggestions?


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