[PLUG] [OT/HW] KVM support in Aspire 5542/Aspire 3810T

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 14 10:46:28 IST 2009

Good day list members,

In my search for a notebook with a CPU that supports either Intel-VT or 
AMD-V, the list has narrowed down to:

a) Acer 5542 (AMD Athlon M300)
b) Acer 3810T (Intel SU3500 ULV)

Even though the CPU supports VT, the BIOS may be b0rked by the 
manufacturer (i.e no VT setting as in a brand name starting with V...)

I would appreciate feedback/comment from anyone who has used either of 
the above models and verified that VT can be enabled through BIOS and 
that the kernel loads the respective KVM modules.

Arun Khan

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