[PLUG] About configure linux server

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 25 00:35:12 IST 2009

On Tuesday 17 Nov 2009, sagar shinde wrote:

> I have problem about configure linux server, please send me steps to
> configure linux DNS server with Active Directory Service. 

DNS and MS ADS are two different beasts.  DNS resolves Host <> IP# with 
pointers to mail server and name server and a few other things.  
Whereas ADS is more like a single sign on (SSO) product based on 
LDAP+Kerberos (both open standards) put together with proprietary MS 

You can do DNS with the bind package.  You can do openLDAP + Samba PDC 
(NT 4.0 equivalent).  Samba 4 (still in development) is attempting to 
provide ADS functionality but setting it up is not for the faint of 

Also, I would strongly suggest that you have a reasonable understanding 
of LDAP+Kerberos at an architectural level before you dive into 

> And also i 
> want to connect windows xp as a client to linux server please send me
> details how can i do that. Currently  i working with windows 2003
> server.

Read up on Samba, there are excellent docs on the main web site 

Arun Khan

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