[PLUG] Multi Drop Mail Box

Kulkarni Shantanu linux at shantanukulkarni.org
Fri Oct 2 06:18:48 PDT 2009

* Rajiv Gore <rajiv at wsieng.com> [091002 13:34]:
> I have a catch all mailbox on my domain name where in I receive emails for 10 
> people.This catch all mail box has only 1 user name and 1 password.
> I have dovecot running on my machine with accounts for these 10 people.

i did this 5-6 years ago for a client having 300+ mailboxes.

> Can fetchmail retrieve messages for these 10 people and deliver them to 
> dovecot for storing in their individual mailbox?
> What code needs to go in fetchmailrc file to achieve this?

see for examples,

at this point i recommend not using fetchmail. it's config file is hard
to parse or write by other programs, it causes mail loops and mail
losses frequently, mangles headers many time and has a history of security holes.
some of these problems are highly magnified when using multidrop mode.
being a postmaster for years now, i have seen many mis-directed bounces
on my servers by incorrectly configured fetchmail instances.

i highly recommed getmail. see,


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