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Tue Oct 27 18:57:03 PDT 2009

   * Ragavan Srinivasan, Mozilla Labs. Ragavan is the Product Manager
for Mozilla=92s Weave endeavor, and coordinates Mozilla Labs=92 activities
in a variety of areas, including identity.
   * Seth Bindernagel, Director of Localization. Seth travels more
than anyone you have met, working hard to ensure that when Firefox
ships, it ships in over 70 languages simultaneously.
   * Axel Hecht, Senior Software Engineer. Axel coordinates
localizations from a technical perspective, as well as touches on many
other parts of Mozilla=92s code.
   * Arun Ranganathan, Technology Evangelist. Arun works on making
sure emerging technologies land as part of the =93The Web Platform=94 and
works to keep the web open, participating in technology working groups
and crafting standards.

To attend this event, just show up at SICSR, 7th Floor, at 10am on
Sunday, 21st February. This event is open to all. It is free. No
registration is necessary.

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