[PLUG] Cannot set mtu in profile.d on Ubuntu 8.10

Parag Shah adaptives at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 11:56:19 IST 2010


Whenever my box which is running Ubuntu 8.10 is behind a VPN server, I have
noticed that I am unable to communicate with our CVS server. However all
other Internet traffic is unaffected.

Some searching suggested that this problem might be resolved by lowering the
MTU. Lowering the MTU to 1200 did solve my problem, but I still don't
understand a few things:

1. Even though I understand that the VPN server adds headers and hence the
need to lower the MTU, I cannot understand why communication stalls when I
talk to CVS in such a situation, and it does not stall with regular internet

2. I tried adding a script to my profile.d which would set the MTU for wlan0
and eth0 to 1200. However, this does not seem to have any effect. So I have
to set the MTU manually everytime I boot into the machine. Could this be
becasue the network interfaces are not in a state to be configured at the
time scripts in profile.d are run?

Thanks & Regards
Parag Shah

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