[PLUG] True test of User Friendliness...

Dnyanraj Mali dnyanraj.mali at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 18:25:39 IST 2010

Hi all,
Some of my experiences..

1.  In previous company where i was working, i installed ubuntu on all the
     computers, there was a person who was just 12th pass. His work was to
     html contents, some data entry & related stuff.. even he was not much
     literate (actually this was best part) so for him every OS was काला
अक्षर भैस बराबर..

     within few days he got familiar with ubuntu, after few days he used
     machine in his home and asked me questions like...

   - how to save to pdf in MS-Office
   - why he cannot play video files
   - how can his brother see the files from 'his'  my documents folder

     I told him this is beauty of Open Source & Linux..

2. Few years back I was running a cyber cafe n i installed ubuntu & kubuntu
in cafe
    many people used it.. some people use to ask "is it a new theme of XP" i
use to
    say "yes.. it is" and no one complained.. (only problem was for some
people who
    wanted to use 'yahoo messenger' or 'rediff bol' for chatting)


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