[PLUG] mount point of my SD card has changed on Ubuntu 9.10

Arun Khan knura9 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 22:29:32 IST 2010

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 11:52 AM, Parag Shah <adaptives at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The filesystem type is VFAT.
>> I had just started running an update when I noticed the problem.
>> Unfortunately I did not check before starting the update, so I do not know
>> if the update may have caused this, or if it was already present before I
>> started the update.

Was this media used on any MS Windows device which could have possibly
been infected with some malware?

>> Interestingly I do not have an entry in /etc/fstab to auto-mount the SD
>> card, yet it is auto-mounted. Are there any other scripts which auto-mount
>> removable media?

On the latest Linux distros - hot plug takes care of detecting
external media devices and mounting them.

>> Is it possible that starting Nautilus auto-mounts external volumes?
>> I am thinking of 2 things:
>> 1. Either the volume's name has changed, and some script is picking up the
>> mount point name from the volume's name
>> 2. The script which auto-mounts the volume is corrupted ??
> I installed GParted to determine the volune label of my SD card, and the
> label has indeed changed. Not sure what could have changed the label.
> I used mtools (mlabel) to rename the label to something more meaningful.

You have just confirmed that volume name on your media had changed.
hot plug picked up the volume name from your FS and mounts it at
/media/<volume name>.  Point no. 2 if true then your SD card would not
have auto mounted.    Also, if volume name is not present then a UUID
is generated and mount point is /media/<UUID>

-- Arun Khan

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