[PLUG] [COMMERCIAL] 5th IndicThreads.com Conference On Java, 10-11 Dec, Pune, India

Harshad Oak harshad.lists at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 00:39:26 PST 2010

Dear Pluggies,

Please note that the annual IndicThreads.com Conference On Java will
be held on 10,11 December in Pune. We started the event in 2006 and so
pleased to inform that the event completes half a decade this year!

Speaker & Session info at - << http://J10.IndicThreads.com/ >>

Sessions at conference 2010 deal with topics like Spring Roo, Groovy &
Grails, Domain Specific Languages, Optimizing Java Applications for
multi-core hardware, HBase non-relational database, Java performance
evaluation and diagnosis, Flex, OSGI, Java Infrastructure, JavaEE,
Java Web Services & Apache Thrift.

Your comments & suggestions are most welcome. I look forward to seeing
you at the conference.


Harshad Oak
Founder - Rightrix Solutions, IndicThreads
Oracle ACE Director, Sun Java Champion
+91-20-32907882 (o)
harshad @ rightrix .com
Twitter @HarshadOak

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