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Subject: [Indlinux-group] Announcement: Free Software Media
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Free Software Media is an initiative to publish, promote & distribute,
Free Software related text, audio and video contents across India,
professionally. Inspired by the work of Network theory Ltd[1], We are
pleased to announce this initiative with a similar objective for India.

To commence We are happy to bring out three selected Titles from Network
Theory Ltd themselves, at reasonable prices for the Indian audience. And
they are,

* An Introduction to GCC, by Brian J. Gough, foreword by Richard M.
* An Introduction to Python – The Python Tutorial, by Guido van Rossum
and Fred L. Drake, Jr.
* Comparing and Merging Files with GNU diff and patch, by David
MacKenzie, Paul Eggert, and Richard Stallman

Currently We support three modes of purchase,

Electronic Money Transfer or Money Transfer to our Bank Account

Demand Draft/ Cheque

Value Payable Post

Details of all modes of purchase can be found at our website

We offer a portion of our profit to foundations that are related to each
of the above mentioned titles or make use of it for appropriate Free
Software related activity. Specific details can be found from each
book’s page at http://fsm.co.in

We hope the Free Software Community of India, Students, Teachers and the
General Public would be benefited immensely as a result of this
initiative. We thank Network Theory Ltd for the support they extended
towards this initiative.

So go & grab your copies, of the above mentioned titles, visiting
http://fsm.co.in. You can also gift it to your dear ones studying
Computer Science.

We aspire more. If you are a geek, who could write on Free Software
related Titles and is willing to offer it for freely distributable
publication, contact us. Would you like to see specific Title to come up
related to Free Software, may it be Technical, Philosophical, Legal or
in your Language, write to us. If you like to extend your co-operation
to us, in other ways, express it through http://fsm.co.in/site/contact.
Let us revive the spirit of sharing & sustaining.

And above all, help spreading the word across. Website: http://fsm.co.in

[1] - http://network-theory.co.uk


Sri Ramadoss M

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