[PLUG] Devanagari unicode: composite letters ( जोडाक्षरे ); latex

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sat Jan 16 01:36:18 IST 2010

> > > Isn't it strange to leave such core things as font rendering to
> > >  applications rather than them being at system level? Can't there be a
> > >  common system-wide component to do that?
> >
> > I think this is more to do with fonts. In  konsole when I select the
> > font, not even 10% of system fonts are listed there. I guess there is no
> > good fixed font for devnagari.

No. I tried that Sridhar.

In gnome-terminal I select font "Samyak Devanagari". (It shows this in my font 
In oowriter I chose the same font.
In both these apps I type "kra" as in Shukrawar.
oowriter renders it the way it is supposed to be though gnome-terminal shows 
"broken ka followed by ra".

The look of font in both applications is same just in case you are doubting 
whether it got selected properly or not.

Same experiment repeated for Lohit Marathi with same result.

Not only that, you can type it in one and copy paste to the other (try both 
from terminal to oowriter and opposite) both apps stick to their rendering 
showing beyond doubt that it's rendering time adjustment.

I can understand that inventing a unicode for every single composite character 
is difficult since there can be theoretically infinite of them. (May be "special 
compositions" could be given unique code, but they don't seem to have thought 
that way.) So the rendering has to be composed on the fly. Just that the 
component that does this work should be a part of system-wide font mechanism 
rather than application's worry.


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