[PLUG] ATA errors with Crucial SSD (solved)

Vishal Rao vishalrao at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 23:38:54 IST 2010

Posting this info here because I know there are Fedora members who might
take this message along...
(hope other distros or better yet upstream can help fix this)

See my thread on the Ubuntu forums:

Especially the solution here:

BTW, the SSD ( Crucial M225 128 GB model CT128M225 ) is really awesome!

Posting the text here for reference, search engine results:

OK I think I know what's happening and I've fixed my issue!

I should have figured this out sooner but the problem is/was NCQ not SMART.

I did a web search for "failed command READ FPDMA QUEUED" and saw some
references to NCQ, SSDs and all that jazz.

So all I need to do is pass the linux kernel boot paramter along with the
existing (unrelated) parameters "quiet splash" like:

quiet splash libata.force=noncq

Intel does NCQ support right for sure. And OCZ is apparently blacklisted
already in the code it looks like that is why the above folks dont get this

The place to backlist in linux kernel (.32 series) libata source would be
drivers/ata/libata-core.c around line 4252 with the existing OCZ
ata_blacklist_entry item:


This blacklist just the 128 GB model which I have, I'm guessing the 64 and
256 models also need blacklisting with their own ID strings. I guess you
pass NULL for the firmware version string so it blacklists all of them.

I will post this info on the Crucial.com forums and also on the bug and see
what happens from there.

Not sure if this should be fixed by blacklisting these Crucial M225 models
in the libata linux kernel source or it should be fixed by Crucial in
perhaps a new model and/or BIOS update.

I hope Ubuntu devs might get this into the .32 kernel released with Lucid to
avoid headaches for other Crucial SSD users.

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