[PLUG] BIOS update under Linux...

म.हा.सा.ग.र o.s.h.o at guruvision.com
Tue Jul 13 18:36:08 IST 2010

Over the last weekend i was trying to update bios of IBM Thinkpad R52
(that originally has Windows XP license which
I erased and installed Mandriva 2010 :-)


was very helpful in understanding this difficult issue.

The only way for me now to update bios was take help of GRUB :-)

Which turned out to be a great educational exercise on grub for me as
I was completely oblivious to it and it's issues... till now.

(Luckily :-) I had EXT4 on that laptop which made my life even more fun...

After spending about a day I could manage to load & run the .IMG file
of new bios but despite that could not update the bios.

With a tonnes of worries and a pinch of salt I had to switch off (a
well advised NO NO) the PC since no activity happened for 15 minutes
even after navigating inside the bios update program and hitting the
final <ENTER> & <DO NOT SWITCH OFF> button. Beware, those who have
dealt with bios update may have horror stories to tell!

however from the same piece of software I could later try the third option.
Option 1. Read the documetation
Option 2. Update BIOS
Option 3. Update model no. etc.
upon executing it the machine would promptly switch off correctly.

To make the long story short has anybody recently or in the past
updated the IBM R52 bios this way under Linux...
Because else I am left with no option but to reload windows on it just
to upgrade bios... :-(

The Silver lining is Mandriva 2010 Grub as boot loader worked well
with EXT4 against some reported issues elsewhere with other distros.

Any suggestions are welcome on subject of updating IBM bios using GRUB.

The similar documentation of using LILO for the same purpose would add
more meat to the Linux Documentation Project :-)
The bottomine:  Machine still boot and runs Mandriva 2010, though the
same behaviour is not guaranteed anywhere

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