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Ganesh Gajare racewithg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 14:10:24 IST 2010

2010/7/27 शंतनू <shantanoo at gmail.com>

> On Monday 26 July 2010 10:24 AM, Mithun Shitole wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    Engineering, Diploma etc. admissions processes are online. The website
>> for it is dte.org.in . Unfortunately Technical board doesn't seems to
>> care about users who don't use IE. When you go to
>> http://www.dte.org.in/FE2010/StaticPages/Default.aspx , this is what it
>> says: "Sorry, this Application is Supported only on IE6, IE7 & IE8" .
>> Same applies when Diploma admission link is visited. I think this is clear
>> case of vendor locking. Is there any way to protest?
>> Thanks and regards,
>> Mithun,
>> http://blog.imithun.in
> See we can do it, DTE, also MKCL developed site are purely made microsoft
oriented  only keep in mind that most of the users will be IE, this is a
simple business monopoly which played by the organisation like DTE, MKCL.

Same thing happening from last two year, online admission process for FYJC
i.e 11th student is online all over the maharashtra. And the apps runs in IE
only. They simply ignored the ppl who are using Mozilla, chrome and other
browsers which are open source.

Last year I had written a letter to the head of MKCL, that "I don't have
access to IE, I am a linux user works with Mozilla Firefox for browsing.
What should I do?", I didn't get any reply for that but there is strong
oppose from FSF, and many other user so they make available site for firefox

This year to locate nearby college they required some specialised
application known as "Silver light " which is pure microsoft product. In
mozilla you suppose to see it, you require to install this app, and it moves
you to microsoft site... which say's the application can not install in your

For linux they have given link to " Moonlight", developed by Novell which is
OSS, even though installing that add-on in firefox, not able to view that
particular page.

The point is you have write to DTE, and tell them just to make simple static
pages or tell them to use CMS( Content Management System) which can be see
on any browser easily. Or allow browsers like mozilla to view these sites.

I will advice that, you just sent this thing to FSF so that they can take
action with you to oppose this type of Business monopoly.....

Good Luck

Ganesh (Dragger)

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> Did you try to send feedback/email using above links? If no, the first step
> would be sending email and sending feedback as well.
> I also stumbled upon http://dte.org.in/rdte/index.asp
> regards,
> shantanoo
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