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Thu Jun 17 22:43:33 PDT 2010

with linux when you have windows already installed. You just need to
understand basics of linux file system, root (/) , swap partition, /boot
partition and their significance, because that's the only stage you may need
help - hard drive partitioning stage.
Best suggestion is that there are numerous great step-by-step guides out
there for dual booting. Just type your query in a search engine and you'll
get your steps. Take a print out of the steps if you can.
Most distros have the same installation procedure.

Try this and instead of ubuntu you may apply it for Mandriva.


On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 5:11 AM, niyas iota <niyasiota at> wrote:

> step by step procedure of installing a linux
> can anyone give the step by step procedure of installing a linux
> mandriva distribution in a new machine, already windows installed,  having
> three free partitions.
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