[PLUG] ping problem

vaibhav khatavkar khatavkarvaibhav86 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 13:56:44 IST 2010

        I have an internet connection shared through a Ubuntu 9.10
machine(server). I have other two machines (one with ubuntu 9.10 and other
with windows xp) connected to it via switch. The machine with ubuntu can be
pinged from any machine but i cant ping windows machine from any other
machine in network. I can "arping" windows machine.  Windows machine can
ping other machines even internet (like google.com)
       Is it problem of workgroup ? How do i check my workgroup on ubuntu ?
I have installed samba (thought it could solve my problem) Samba
configuration gui (System > Administration > samba) starts with an error
"could'nt read directives from /etc/samba/samba.conf" .. and list all the
directives from conf file.
      How can I ping windows machine from other machine ??

with regards,

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