[PLUG] WIFI embedded board.

Suraj Swami suraj.g.swami at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 09:29:45 IST 2010


I am working on a project to build an embedded board with WIFI connectivity.
My present status:
- I have a embedded development board TS7200 .
- It has USB and Ethernet Port.
- I am able to get port Linux on it and run program to communicate between
devices  and a computer using socket programming and Ethernet.

I need help in deciding how to get WIFI connectivity to the board. I guess
it would mostly be using WIFI dongle ?

Any suggestion for a WIFI dongle ?

How should I get it working ?

Where should I look for proper reading material ?

I am am planning to do some basic program practice using WIFI on my laptop.
How can I do that ?

Thank you.

Suraj Swami

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