[PLUG] Confirmation: Combined meeting of PLUG, POCC, PuneTech for May 2010 is scheduled on Saturday 8th May 2010, 4 pm @ SICSR

Sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Thu May 6 12:31:03 IST 2010


Combined meeting of PLUG, POCC, PuneTech  for May 2010 is scheduled on
Saturday 8th May 2010, 4 pm @ SICSR

These are the details:
Location: SICSR, Atur Centre, Model Colony.
Room No 407. 4th floor ( Please note the change in room no.)
Time: 4 pm

This is a joint meeting of PLUG, POCC, Pune Tech with DSK Digital.

DSK Digital is launching  "The DSK Mobilis" which is an Affordable
Application Device.
Check out some video here:

You can also checkout the mail thread on the same here:

Milind Kshirsagar ( Managing Director of DSK Digital Technologies Pvt
Limited) will be coming to the meeting and interacting with us.

As the devices uses FOSS, it gives tremendous opportunities from
different areas.

Students can take up projects on the devices. they can also do
applicaiton development and other integration.
There could be opportunities for product/applications incubation centres.
Entrepreneurs/business minded people can also benefit by going ahead
for further tie-up with them.

Here is a brief from Milind for your reference:

Thanks for your interest in DSK Mobilis. Our product is far different than
GENERIC NETBOOKS in the market. We can create new market with this product
in any country.  We are looking for 10 lac unit sales in the first year of
operations in 2nd ,3rd Tier cities, Taluka and Village level. We have tied
up with many software companies to provide various software to us at very
low cost as application device. This product also can be sold as generic
Netbook for First Time Users. The Solar Power usage can help boost the sales
in entire India at the market mentioned above. Pls study the same and

The DSK Mobilis is an Affordable Application Device. We have developed
various applications to be used along with this device which are as follows

1.        E Learning in Education - a sample software of 8th 9th 10th standard
ICSE - Geography entire syllabus is put on Mobilis so it can be used as a
Digital Devise instead of carrying complete set of books as well as student
can read, listen to the study material as well as can connect to internet
for further academic references.
2.        E book reader for Kids, adults, we can store entire Quran in to this
so a person can listen to the holy teachings.
3.        E literacy - we can develop a software for people who can speak
language but cannot read or write,
4.        E Health - Various applications are developed like Disease
management, patient history management, Aids control field Reports, Cattle
breeding/health monitoring etc
5.        E Gov - Online feedback from field for Govt departments
6.        Police - Crime scene records, updating data online from field
including Video/ audio and text
7.        Digital Home -for completely monitoring personal information for
entire family like, Health insurance renewals, car insurance renewals,
Medicine monitoring, Birthday, anniversary alarms etc.
8.        Open Office, email, Internet Browsing, Chat etc
9.        Micro Finance,  Banking applications, 100% secure transactions
10.        GPS applications
11.        Mobile applications with CDMA. GPRS connectivity for Global use.
12.        Agriculture services
13.        Language - Train the trainer program
14.        Any other applications required to be developed in any languages, in
OPEN SOURCE (Linux) we can do so.

Pls note we can design Hardware and Software as per customer requirements.
We can create local employment for software/hardware development/
maintenance etc.

Do join the meeting to check out the opportunities available to you!!
Kindly make yourself available for the meeting.

Best regards,


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