[PLUG] Upgrading Comments

म.हा.सा.ग.र o.s.h.o at guruvision.com
Mon May 3 23:34:31 PDT 2010

This mail is to share of my few thoughts... so if you can easily get
bored by somebody else's thoughts kindly disregard... else feel free
to cross-criticize and share your thoughts if applicable!

So far in the past I have done full version upgrade of Mandriva (more
than twice) and have clean installed openSUSE, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and
Mandriva on more than one occasions.   So never had a chance to really
witness the process of major version upgrade, e.g. from kubuntu 9.10
to kubuntu 10.4 (which I am doing right now), for any other distro.
On couple of occasions I tried to shift distros and found few problem
with openSUSE at the time which I reported.

This entire perspective with new insights make me feel that Mandriva
has still few more places where it can improve.

One such example is, let say I have 3 network interfaces on my lappy
and i am downloading from the best connection, suddenly the best
connection is broken, then if I am right Mandriva will not renegotiate
the new route to its download repository while as I see kbuntu does

I find that openSUSE is very good in restarting from last known
upgrade point (sudden power outage with no UPS backup to installation
machine) which probably others are not easily able to.

I see that major version upgrade process of kubuntu looks cleaner than
Mandriva although I am yet to complete it fully for the first time.

However for sure, Default KDE Mandriva theme is more intuitive for
*the initiated as well as uninitiated* Linux User.

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