[PLUG] ITR e-filing on Linux

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Fri May 28 20:01:04 IST 2010

On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 07:36:57PM +0530, Arun Khan wrote:
> You can protest with the authorities, it they at all get back to you -

I think they will respond or at least be forced to think if a lot of
people ask about it. (Sounds familiar - when you have to struggle to find
a driver for your hardware though the h/w vendor appears to not care?!)

I don't know how many would ask, though I made my bit by writing a mail to
them (with no realistic hope of response or action) pointing out the costs
of proprietary software involved to file returns and options available
like openoffice where they just need to ascertain it works (and don't need
to redevelop things from scratch.)


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