[PLUG] best strategy for backing up small server

Pranav Peshwe pranavpeshwe at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 08:43:03 IST 2010

On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 7:55 AM, Manas Alekar <manas_alekar at yahoo.com>wrote:

> >    I have a small ubuntu server running for our development needs  as
> > well as file server. We are now considering to upgrade it with  ubuntu
> > 10.04 LTS.
> The first tenet of system administration is: if it ain't broken don't fix
> it.

Mithun, if you wish, you can share why you are going for an upgrade. People
here might be able to suggest better solutions.

> > We do not have any automatic backup system for now. I want  to
> > add something like RAID 1 for backing up data. Can anyone suggest  best
> > practices? Should I use and extra internal hard disk or external  hard
> > disk? Is is possible to use fallback hard drive of bigger size and  use
> > extra space for other purposes, such as storing non critical data?
> > Any  pointers to good information?
> RAID1 improves robustness. It is not a substitute for backup. Why you say?
> Because hardware failure is not the only cause of losing data.
Thumb rules? Slower disks are more reliable and that is why they are
> preferred for backup. In places where access to server rooms cannot be
> controlled, access to drawers can still be.
Personally, I do not consider a backup a backup, unless it is on WORM media.
Unexpected power problems among other things can completely ruin harddisks
in a jiffy. Critical data should be backed up on indestructible(via software
I mean :)) media IMHO.

My 2 cents...


Hope that helps.
> Manas
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