[PLUG] [X-Post]Open Source COM-Beagle Board /HawkBoard workshop For Developers in Mumbai-India

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Open Source COM-Beagle Board /HawkBoard workshop For Developers  in Mumbai-India

Date: 30th Oct 2010
Venue: CDAC Lecture theatre,Juhu, Mumbai.
Registration Fee : 200RS (payment on the spot by cash).

This workshop is jointly organised by Bizmobiletech business
entity-Net4Uonline Pvt. ltd. and CDAC Mumbai supported by Texas
Instruments .

The Core objective of the workshop is to meet and learn from the
developers of Open Source Computer On Module,improve your development
skills with in-depth sessions and training.

Topics To be covered

1.Hardware And OS overview of BeagleBoard

In this session attendees get an overview of the Beagle Board and its
OMAP3530 processor. Also, setting up the beagle board and building and
running various Embedded Linux distros. The session also gives an
overview of the Angstrom operating system, its architecture and major
This session looks at the open embedded Builder and how to use it to
create operating system images and cross compiled packages.

2.Application / UI Development with BeagleBoard Using Clutter

This session will provide an overview of the software and hardware
features available on the OMAP 3 BeagleBoard platform relevant to
consider when creating 3D user interfaces, with a summary of Linuxʼs
graphics software stacks(integrated SGX hardware graphics
accelerator), and an introduction to creating user interfaces by using

3.Hardware And OS overview of hawkBoard

4.H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding Using Open Source COM

H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding is an international standard for
video compression. The aim of the standard is to provide as good a
video quality at lower bandwidths. The standard has created a set of
profiles like Constrained Baseline Profile (CBP) for video
conferencing and mobile applications, Main profile (MP) for broadcast
and storage applications, etc. While the encoding or producer
functions can be expected to work on high performance specialized
equipment, the client side decoding needs cost effective equipments
like set top boxes in large numbers. While the computationally
intensive functions can be offloaded to special codecs and DSPs, there
are other aspects to be handled by a CoM.

5.Grid tied Solar PV application Using COM

Grid tie of SPV requires CoM. The important functions in the CoM are
1) Inverter functions to convert DC to AC using Pulse Width Modulation
(PWM), Space Vector Modulation (SPV) and Maximum Power Point (MPP)
tracking. 2) PV generation monitoring and reporting system and 3)
Smart grid related protocol handling. Of these the inverter functions
are required and the other two are increasingly becoming important.

6.Android On beagleboard

7.Introduction to beagleboard XM and Panda Board

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