[PLUG] [Commercial] Setting up a computing lab using Linux and FOSS

Omkiran Sharma omkiran.for.wiki at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 16:13:43 IST 2011

It bounced the first time, hence sending once again.

Hello to all in PLUG!

   I am contacting on behalf of a a school and Junior college in a
rural area that wants to revamp its current computing facility.
Currently the setup consists of Windows server machine and several
windows based desktops connected on a LAN for around 15 users. The aim
is to scale upto 40-50 users.  Using Windows software and pure desktop
solutions will shoot up costs which can be avoided by use of Linux and
FOSS. Since most activities are related to Office/email and minimal
programming, we feel a thin client solution should work best.

 The idea is therefore to setup a set of machines connected via LAN
with thin clients for the users with FOSS software for a range of
Office/email/programming activities that the school/college students
can utilize in their course work. Based on mutual discussions and need
an opportunity for continued administration could also be on the table
rather than just setup the lab and leave option.

 It would be great if we could get in touch with someone who can

 - Perform the requirement analysis.
 - Actually help setup the lab facility [h/w and s/w installations and
 - Train certain staff members who are currently used to the windows
setup on managing the configuration.

 There are lot of example labs available for us to follow on the
Windows side when we look at other organizations but we are looking to
save on the costs by using FOSS. While none of the current staff
members are equipped to handle FOSS setup, they are well versed with
h/w setup and LAN setup. Hence there is a training element also
involved on the Linux/FOSS side.

Approximate time frame that we are looking at to finish and setup the
lab is 1.5 months maximum from now.

Kindly back to me if anyone is interested in actually helping us do
this or if you know someone or some organisation that can help set
this up. There is a fallback option of using the Windows software but
I would rather have the school take up the FOSS route.  I can then
setup a meeting at the school location where we the technical and
monetary aspects of this effort can be discussed directly with the
school staff.


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