[PLUG] Quicktime player

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Wed Feb 16 20:18:31 IST 2011

I am trying to run a quicktime movie on Fedora 14.

With vlc the movie opens though it does not play properly. It just shows
some hazy picture and choppy sound.

With mplayer (and also with mencoder and ffmpeg in an attempt to covert
the video) I get the "picture size invalid (0x0)" error.

In firefox it doesn't open with any plugin. I installed plugins suggested
in various forums (gecko etc). The about:plugins page shows quicktime as
supported by the plugin, though actually it doesn't play. A player opens
inside firefox but nothing comes up on it.

(Anyway, I'm not so keen to run it through browser. It will be preferable
to get either mplayer or vlc play it by solving above problems.)

All installations are up-to-date with respect to Fedora repositories.

Can anyone provide some pointers to get this work?

Are w32codeacs required for this and where can one get them for Fedora?


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