[PLUG] Acer laptop MoBo crash; rtcwake?

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Fri Jul 1 06:50:14 PDT 2011

Recently my laptop (Acer) crashed.

It boots fine though no USB device on it works (that includes
internal/external kbd/mouse etc), network doesn't work.

The power button interrupt triggers a clean shutdown.

Only thing I did different before this happened was this:
When I was away for a few days, I had set up a cron job that would do some
housekeeping work, create a digest of what it did and send a mail to me.
Before powering off itself it would set the rtcwake so that it could be up
again the next day at same time.

This arrangement worked once, though later I stopped receiving mails. When
I returned I found the laptop in above state.

I have no way to confirm that rtcwake could cause any such damage, though
I can say that was the only thing I did different before the crash.

Can anyone comment on the above / suggest ways to recover?

I have already shown the laptop at authorized service center of Acer.
After examining they said Motherboard has gone faulty and needs


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