[PLUG] [OT] laptop with pre-installed popular OS

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Fri Jul 1 07:07:14 PDT 2011

I am thinking of buying a new laptop.

I am quite frustrated with those Windows only sites and applications that
are forced upon us with no way to escape them.

To make life possible in presence of such things, I am thinking of buying
a laptop with the MS OS installed. (Yes, feel humiliated when writing this

Just think that if I was anyway buying a new laptop, pre-installed OS will
be more cost effective than buying the OS separately from market.

If somebody has bought such laptop / or knows anything about following
points, please do post:

1. When they sell a laptop with a pre-installed MS OS, do they provide the
OS CD/DVD media along with it?

2. Can one install the OS on a different computer with these CDs or they
make sure it would install only on the machine it was shipped with?

3. Is it possible to at least partition such a laptop disk and re-install
MS OS on a small partition and use the rest of space for other OS? (Or
even virtual box).

PS: By MS OS I mean any version of it from company's inception till date
that those pesky ie-sites would run on.


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