[PLUG] mutt question

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Thu Jul 21 20:01:38 IST 2011

Changing "alternative_order" with a hook for text + html mails:

I prefer text/plain even if a mail contains both text and html. (No
thanks if you are advising to prefer html and convert into text with lynx
etc. The text/plain from most senders usually looks more beautiful than
text/html converted to text. I use conversion only when there is no good
text/plain attachment.)

So I set alternative_order text/plain text/html

However for a few senders the mail's text version looks really bad. So
when the mail is from a certain sender I want to override
alternative_order so that only for that sender I should see text/html
instead of text/plain.

I tried writing a message-hook to meet this. I can see that the hook
command is triggering, too, for that particular sender. However, it still
renders text/plain attachment. In other words, it appears, it is not
changing alternative_order dynamically.

I can of course hit "v" and manually select html. That works fine, though
looking for that to be automated.


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