[PLUG] Fedora 15 on Lenovo z570. Can not adjust screen brightness.

Chaitany Kulkarni shreeseva.it at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 09:40:56 IST 2011

I got a new Lenovo Ideapad z570 with Core i5 second gen. I installed Fedora
15 on it. All things works well except I can not adjust screen brightness. I
tries many solutions from net, but nothing works. I also updated kernel
twice up to latest 3.0.1 Still problems remains. It seems that kernel have
some issues with sandy bridge architecture. Also when checked for backlight
option but it says no such option. also using su -c 'dmidecode -s
system-product-name'  gives HuronRiver Platform. There is no options for
backlight in /proc/acpi nor for video.
There are acer-wmi and ideapad folders in /sys/bus/platform/devices.
Please help to solve this issue.
Thanking you,

C P Kulkarni

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