[PLUG] Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay

Shahid Farooqui shahidfarooqui at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 05:34:55 PDT 2011

Dear FOSS user,

Greetings from IIT Bombay, Spoken Tutorial project !
This is to let you know about this project which promotes FOSS use via
helping the learning process.

*What is a Spoken Tutorial*

"A Spoken Tutorial explains the steps involved in carrying out a computer
based activity - such as using the features of some software - with the help
of a screencast and narration. A screencasting software captures all the
activities on the screen along with the narration and plays it back as a
movie. This movie, 10 minutes long, is called the Spoken Tutorial. The
Spoken Tutorial serves as a valuable self-study tool."

*Benefits of the Spoken Tutorial*

   - Learn Software and pass certification exams
   - Get better Employment opportunities
   - Learn complicated topics through simple tutorials
   - Pass college exams
   - Improve English language
   - Cost effective – end user does not pay anything
   - Earn honorarium when you create Spoken Tutorials

*To use or create Spoken Tutorials*
*all you need is -*

   - a PC/Laptop
   - a Headphone with a mic input,
   - free software for capturing the screencast and narration
   - lots of Enthusiasm !

We would like to hold workshops - "Events" - to teach specific FOSS and
teach "How to create Spoken Tutorials".Typically we target Institutes having
Computer Science/ Engineering programs. *The FOSS we have Spoken Tutorials
for are Linux, Latex, Camstudio, Scilab, Python, Orca and Java, GCC, PHP
MySQL and others under preparation. *The tutorials are offered in English
and some in select Indian languages too.

We welcome your participation in spreading awareness in your group and
amongst your contacts.Do write if you have any questions or need more
information. We appreciate your involvement in this project of National
significance that can "Bridge the Digital Divide".

Best regards,

Shahid Farooqui

Spoken Tutorial Project
IIT Bombay


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