[PLUG] Discussion session on benefits to students contributing to Free Software at VIT, Sunday 3rd July 10 am

Praveen A pravi.a at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 13:50:56 IST 2011

"Why should I contribute to Free Software?"

There is one obvious benefit if one believes in Free Software as an
idea or they are Free Software users. We will discuss some other
benefits which may not be obvious. Some of the points to highlight

   - Working with best programmers in the world is an experience you
won't get in a classroom or college lab.
   - Working on code that is used by thousands of people every day is
a unique opportunity to test the ideas we learn as part of our
   - Anyone can look at your code and evaluate you better. Gives you a
better chance than may be a certificate or a good mark list that every
one of you already have.
   - Code accepted into these projects are a testimony about the
quality of your code, because there are strict quality control and lot
of peer reviews before any code is accepted into these projects.
   - Ability to learn and play with latest and evolving technologies.
   - There is no compulsion, you chose what you like and you do it at
your pace and interest.
   - We can help you find mentors in areas you want to focus. Some of
us would be happy to help you get going with diaspora. We will start
with a Ruby on Rails workshop so that all you have to have is an
interest to contribute.

What is in there for us who are out to help you? We believe in Free
Software and we want to make it better. We are always looking to
expand our community.

Comments and additions welcome, the aim is to give a brief idea of
benefits to students contributing to Free Software, motivate them to
attend Ruby on Rails workshop (on 9th July) and get more contributors
to diaspora (may be for other Free Software projects too if there is
an interest).

    Date: 3rd July 2011
    Location: VIT Bibwewadi (near Katraj), Computer Science
Department, Room no 1301.
    Time: 10 am.

If you would like to attend it, sign up at

If you are already a contributor to any Free Software project, we
would love to have you come and talk about your project and
experience, you might get some new contributors too.

Diaspune community has its discussion group at
http://diaspune.onlinegroups.net/groups/dias_pune You can join in and
share your ideas.
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