[PLUG] Need help with connecting using Tata Photon+

Krishnan M kmlist at yahoo.in
Mon Jun 27 17:46:48 PDT 2011

I need help with connecting to the Internet using a Tata Photon+ USB stick that we got, on an Ubuntu 11 desktop. Here are the couple of things i tried...
1) I am familiar with configuring and using a similar Reliance stick (i am guessing both are the same device from Huawei, with perhaps slight differences in network configuration)
Under network connections, this provider and stick are listed (the same as Reliance, BSNL, etc.), but when i set it up this way, it didn't work. I experimented a little with authentication protocols (since, for example, i knew that only CHAP works for Reliance). It was too much, of course, to expect customer support to know about Linux.
2) A friend suggested using wvdial and i installed wvdial and got a sample wvdial.conf file as well. However, i was unable to configure it correctly and wvdial wouldn't find the modem. Any pointers in this direction will be helpful.

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