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Text from the gnome.org

GNOME is an innovative Free Software desktop. It is easy to use and is the
most popular desktop distributed with free operating systems.

In an effort to get more women involved in Free Software, the GNOME project
is sponsoring several internships for women from May 23 to August 22, 2011.
The application deadline for the program is April 8. The applicants need to
get in touch with individual GNOME projects ahead of time to decide which
project they are interested in working on. The stipend for the program is
$5,000 (USD).

Participants will work remotely from home, while getting guidance from an
assigned mentor and collaborating within their project’s team and the rest
of the GNOME community. The projects include developing software for the
core desktop, file management, messaging, popular applications, educational
activities, and the platform libraries. There are also non-coding projects,
such as graphic design, documentation, and marketing. The program is open to
students and non-students alike.

In addition, GNOME will participate in the Google Summer of Code program
this year, which sponsors students working on many different Free Software

Please visit http://www.gnome.org to learn more and apply. The mentorship
opportunities are also available throughout the year for anyone interested
in getting started contributing to GNOME outside of the internship program.


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