[PLUG] anybody hacking on gnome/kde contact managers?

Sarang Lakare sarang.lakare at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 09:58:50 IST 2011

Is there anyone on this list working (or worked in the recent past) on any
of the Linux addressbook managers? I am looking to integrate a unique
contact information exchange platform into Linux desktop application. This
would be the first such application available on Linux desktops that I know
of, and I would like to bring it to Linux before building one for Windows

If anyone is interested in hacking it, let me know. It would be a nice short
term project for someone looking to learn and use web APIs. If folks on this
list know someone else who might be interested, please introduce me.

Are folks still using desktop applications for email and contact management
or is everyone using online email?


Sarang Lakare, Ph.D.

myContactID: *2010-1399-1401 <http://mycid.in/add/201013991401>

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