[PLUG] How do you visualize an alien?

Rajesh Ranjan rajeshkajha at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 9 09:48:08 IST 2011

Its really very good...I saw it yesterday!

Rajesh Ranjan


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Subject: [PLUG] How do you visualize an alien?

How would you visualize an alien? My friend Bal shares his views on
what he thinks an alien should look like


You can share with us how you think an alien should be like and
participate in Chamba Swathanthra Cinema Project

Record a video of you talking about it, write about it the way you
like it or even better draw it or animate it.

Want to see some of the ideas already there? Check this

noni teron has created this

We are making this movie combining ideas from everyone who is
interested. Why should we let only a few people enjoy making movies
when all of us can?

Come, lets play and enjoy!

Share your ideas here http://www.chambaproject.in/wiki/index.php/Ideas
or use #chambaideas hashtag on diaspora or your favorite social

Script for the movie is
http://www.chambaproject.in/wiki/index.php/Script/script-4 share it
with your friends who has an interest in drawing or animation.

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