[PLUG] BACKTrack 5 On Android Phone's

Prateek Hck prateekhck at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 15:25:58 IST 2011

Image <http://imgf.tw/185922387.jpg>

All you need is to

   1. Download File on your machine and decompress
   2. copy all the files in /sdcard/bt
   3. open android terminal and type
   cd /sdcard/bt
   sh installbt.sh
   4. Once the above script results in welcome then its prety much self
   5. Keep in mind to use ui and killui scripts to start or stop vnc server

ui and killui are placed at /root/bin and contains Xperia X10 associated
resolution setting's please use your own machine's spec in this place. Keep
Track of development
Disclaimer : right now tested only on Xperia X10i.
Credit As usual goes to

   - Offensive Security and group at Backtrack-linux Team
   - Numerous developers who made chrooting possible on android device's

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