[PLUG] Will Aakash run Linux

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Fri Oct 7 23:29:05 PDT 2011

It's perhaps too early to ask this question for Aakash in particular as
the specs may not be widely known yet.

More general question could be: can a device that runs Android, run Linux
as well. (Or with kind of effort it can be made to run.)

Rationale behind asking this is, if someone has made a device that runs
android, the device drivers already exist that can interact with Linux
like kernel. Only question remains whether they are open enough or not.

For those who consider Android as a Linux variant owing to its roots, this
is a non question.  I, for one, do not consider it so. The environment is
pretty different on Android.

Now which Linux would one expect to run on such a device: A few I know are
Maemo (little chance of it running on anything other than N900 and alikes
from Nokia), MeeGo (or whatever its new avatar), openmoko etc. (Please add
more Linux based distros that can run on PDAs/tablets to this thread.)

(Their respective sites list the devices they support. However, what's the
difficulty level of adding new ones there given the commonality that they
all already run Android.)

BTW, this article says there are tablets already around that are cheaper
than Aakash
I haven't checked the specs of these.


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