[PLUG] Where to find Oreilly books in Pune

Manish prolist at gmx.net
Thu Sep 22 10:44:50 IST 2011

I am 99% sure that you'd get them in Computer Hut in Apa Balwant Chowk
(ask for Manish Goel there). You get 20% discount here. If not - there's
always flipkart.com. In fact, flipkart.com will deliver at your doorstep
without any shipping charge if order exceeds Rs. 100

- Manish

On Wed, 2011-09-21 at 12:23 +0530, Nar Kumar Chhantyal wrote:
> Hello Friends
> I want to buy few Oreilly books (Unix and Python). I tried google search and
> asked all the friends in my circle. I didn't get any information on it.
> Few days back, Parag told me about 'Technical Book Shop' at FC Road. I went
> there and asked everyone. I think it's no more there.
> Do you know where to find Oreilly books?

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