[PLUG] Microsoft - Key Linux contributor!

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Thu Apr 5 06:11:05 PDT 2012

On Wed, Apr 04, 2012 at 09:13:20PM -0600, Kaustubh Gadkari wrote:
> love of all things FOSS - in fact, they were almost certainly driven
> by their economic baseline. Why does that make their kernel
> contributions "bad" (for the lack of a better word)?

Not at all. Did I say anything that suggests that?

> RedHat is a $1bn+ company. It is also one of the largest kernel
> contributors. Their existence is dependent on the kernel and the
> system built around it working. Would you argue that their
> contributions are an illusion, since their contributions are driven by

No, because the fact that their business depends on Linux is known. And
for the same reason, I'd not call MS as "key contributor" just based on
numbers as how much they depend on Linux is clear as well.

In both the cases I'd not use the "number of patches" as the basis to
measure their intent.


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