[PLUG] offlineimap / isync alternatives or solution to uid validity issues

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Wed Apr 18 19:52:12 IST 2012

I have been using offlineimap and isync - more or less similar
applications to sync local Maildir with IMAP server. (Rather tried isync
after running into captioned issue with offlineimap to see whether it
improves on this aspect. But eventually even isync ran into this.)

I have found that both these apps run into "uid validity" errors over a
period of time. Once you run into this issue, there is no easy way out,
except for deleting the cached data and resyncing.

I am not sure whether this issue is avoidable (since I do not understand
what causes it - perhaps a broken sync operation due to power down in the
middle of sync or network issue, rather than any geuine changes on server
side. That's a guess.)

Are there any alternatives to offline viewing of mails such that you can
sync the changes made locally back to the server (just like either of the
above programs does).

Alternatively, is there any way to avoid above problem or a safe, reliable
way to mitigate corrupt local data?


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