[PLUG] [Commercial] Opportunities @ Symphony Services, Pune for Python/DJango Engineers, 3-5 years

अतुल नेने atul.nene at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 22:36:23 PDT 2012


More details about the opportunity:

Knowledge of one of more Open Source web development frameworks
Experience with Python/Django is MANDATORY
Good Understanding of Web Services
Good Proficiency in object oriented design and development
Good Experience using development tools include source control (SVN,
Git, Mercurial), IDEs, and defect tracking tools
Experience with LAMP stack is preferred
Knowledge of Mule ESB is desired.
Experience with Java technologies is a definite plus
Experience with jBoss or other Java Application Servers is a plus

Minimum 3 years in Python/Django development and total experience of 3
to 5 years

Positions are in Pune office of Symphony Services

Please send your resume to me, it will be filtered by the Hiring
Manager, and if found good, you will be contacted by the Recruitment
team at Symphony.

अतुल नेने (atul dot nene at gmail dot com)

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