[PLUG] KMail - Sending Failed

vikas at techqual.com vikas at techqual.com
Sat Dec 1 23:19:20 PST 2012


I am using SUSE Linux, 11.4 (for quite some time).  I use KMail as my
email programme (Since even longer time).  I have Email Ids configured
techqual.com - hosted on net4india servers and gmail.com.  Since yesterday
afternoon the outgoing mail on both smtp servers has stopped.  The error
message, for example, for net4india reads "Sending failed: 
smtpauth.net4india.com: Host unreachable  The message will stay in the
'outbox' folder until you either fix the problem (e.g. a broken address)
or remove the message from the 'outbox' folder."  For gmail,
smtpauth.net4india.com is replaced by smtp.gmail.com.  I had reported this
problem to Net4India.  Their response is that SMTP is working fine at
their end.

I use BSNL broadband (Again, since long).

I have not changed any settings anywhere in the system.  I have not
installed any new programmes, nor any system upgrade in last couple of

I am able to ping to smtpauth.net4india.com and smtp.gmail.com.

I tried re-installing Kmail, but the problem persists.

Any suggestions on what I can do to solve this issue?

Thanks and regards
Vikas Garud

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